Product Manager

Lumos is a developer of system apps for iOS and Android devices. Do you want to create useful IT products? Then join our team

Areas of responsibility

  • — Generation of hypotheses to improve the product and its Unit economy;
  • — Formation of the RoadMap of the product and prioritization of tasks;
  • — Implementation together with the project team;
  • — Analysis of product indicators, the formation of reports on the effectiveness of the product.

It will be a plus

  • — Experience in conducting qualitative research in Mobile: CustDev users;
  • — Experience in building a Notification Schedule to maximize ARPDAU;
  • — Ability to calculate confidence intervals.

Our expectations

  • — 3+ years of experience in creating and managing mobile products; ability to work with analytical tools (Amplitude, Firebase, AppMetrica, etc);
  • — Knowledge of key product metrics (RR, ARPDAU, Churn Rate. etc.) and how to improve them;
  • — Experience with Subscription/Ad monetization;
  • — Experience in building an effective release flow: from a hypothesis to a measurable result;
  • — Hypothesis testing skills, analytical and predictive abilities
  • — The ability to write thoughtful requirements for the product and features.

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