Product Manager

Lumos is a developer of system apps for iOS and Android devices. Do you want to create useful IT products? Then join our team

Areas of responsibility

  • — Market research and analysis, seeking out new product development opportunities
  • — Development of a product concept and an economic model for it
  • — Determination and implementation of a product development strategy
  • — Development and formalization of product requirements
  • — Determination of development priorities
  • — Active collaboration with the project manager and the project team, including designers, content managers, marketers, and analysts, to help them work on their products
  • — Analysis of marketing and product indicators as well as finding ways to improve them

Interview stages

  • — Answering of follow-up questions by e-mail or phone
  • — Personal interview, including completion of technical part
  • — Offer interview if there is a mutual interest in working together

Our expectations

  • — Experience creating mobile products
  • — Ability to suss out and study trends in the mobile app market
  • — Understanding the principles of marketing tools and mobile app showcases
  • — Knowledge of methods and tools for monetizing mobile apps
  • — Hypothesis testing skills, analytical and predictive abilities
  • — Ability to accurately formulate tasks and monitor their implementation

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