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The audience for our apps has already exceeded 30,000,000 users. We need an increasing number of resources to support and improve our products. At the same time, we are launching new projects and improving the qualifications of our staff

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Why Lumos?

  • Official, full-time employment

    We pay you as a legal employee, and we take responsibility for our team

  • Competitive salary

    We have no illusions about what our competitors are paying their staff

  • Office, or hybrid work arrangements

    The Lumos office is in Minsk — It's up to you where you would prefer to work

  • Friendly team atmosphere

    Professional communication is embedded in our DNA

  • Completed projects to be proud of

    Millions of people are already using our apps

  • The opportunity to implement your own ideas

    We value and support the ideas of our employees

  • Fast and non-linear growth

    Let your expertise grow together with the company

We are looking for!

Are you a professional in another area that would still like to work with us? Send in your application, and our HR manager will be in touch with you

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